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Glowforge Blanks - Sign and Craft Blanks - Earring Wood - Bulk Cut Box of 1/4" Bulk Baltic Birch 5" x 7"


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These blank wood cutouts are off cuts from 1/4" baltic birch sheets and cut in standard sizes of 5" x 7" and tightly packed in a box with approximately 48 pieces. We've made it easy for your to custom craft your own creations via your router or laser engraver. These are perfect for glowforge projects and will help you save time and wasted materials. All pieces are sanded smooth and do have a dark edge from the laser cut. Wood is not sealed so that you can craft or create with stain, paint, or whatever medium you choose.

  • Wood cutout is unfinished and has a darker edge from the laser machine.
  • This 5" x 7" size is ideal for DIY Projects, Ornaments, small signs, prints, At Home Crafting and so much more
  • Color and grain will vary slightly between each wood piece due to differences in each board used. We always do our best to make each batch as similar as possible.
  • Birch Wood (sold as 0.25" wood but actual measurement is 0.19" thick). Variances sometimes occur in thickness but no more than 0.1" 

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